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Help with making a wig.

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Pottyone | 12:33 Wed 10th Feb 2010 | Family & Relationships
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Well I've stuck this under Family as I need to make a Horrid Henry wig for my son for Book Week. They have to go to school as a character from a book. I thought some other Mums may have had to make a wig at some point. I can't find many kid's wigs on fancy dress websites. So far all I can think of doing is weaving some ginger wool through a woolly hat but I imagine this will be quite hot. Any other ideas?? Ta.


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Don't you just love it when schools spring these things on you? LOL

Would something like this be any good?
Question Author
Probably a bit long and curly for Horrid Henry! Plus, would an adult's one be a bit big?
Can you not just use gel and spike his own hair up a bit?
Question Author
Nope, its not ginger, or long enough, and it is so fine it doesn'ty spike!! It needs to be bright ginger really.
I hadn't even noticed that he had red hair! - can you get some of that fur fabric stuff and staple it to a swim cap?
he has brown hair doesn't he?? definitely not bright ginger according to the pictures on the website.
Question Author
Well its sort of gingery brown, in my opinion. Either way, I can't seem to find many kids wigs.
you can buy a bald cap in most fancy dress shops...then either use a wool needle and sew wool through an cut to style or get long fake fur and glue on instrips
Question Author
I am wondering about a hair net. My worries with a bald cap or a swimming cap is that he would find it uncomfortable to keep on for very long and take it off.

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Help with making a wig.

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