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reisdence question

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Boobars | 16:22 Wed 10th Feb 2010 | Family & Relationships
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My ex has now sent two letters as he states he would like shared care after 6 years.
the first I wrote a polite reply I can write a polite reply to the second letter but wonder when I should involve solicitors. The second letter he is asking to go to medication. I can not see the point of this at this presnt time as he lives in a two bedroom flat with his girlfriend and her adult son and we have two children a girl and a boy. any thoughts welcome


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thanks for that.

their dad has been involved in the childrens life all thorugh the seperation and divorce. In the begining I tried to get him to have them more and he said he couldn't do it due to work. Now I have settle with a new partner he has sent papers wanting reidencie. his hime life and work have not changed in this time and I believe he is doing this all for the wrong reasons. Medication could be good but he is not in a position to house the children at this time so I don't think that its an option at the moment.
** Mediation **
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agree with the above - try mediation. Thre might be somethng you don't know (for example the grown up son is moving out or something

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reisdence question

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