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What are the most important life lessons a parent can teach a child?

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bigtunelover | 04:10 Tue 09th Mar 2010 | Family & Relationships
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And, if the sky was the limit, what is the best way you could teach them. e.g. To teach your child that there are ramifications to treating the earth poorly by showing them a clear-cut rain-forest. Or to be grateful by showing them a slum in a third world country.


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Huge question? For my kids it was 'earn respect' by playing your part within your family & community. By that they survive to maturity with respect for others and themselves......this shows in a persons personality and stands them in good stead to face their futures.
Take them on a trip to India/Nepal/The Gambia/the Amazon basin. If the sky REALLY WAS the limit, take them to all four.
the best lesson i think is to teach them "treat people how you wish to be treated "
The proverb do as you would be done by is a good lesson and remember that empty vessels make the most noise my son who is a solicitor recalled that the other day when his manager was ranting at eveyone ( he has no regard for him) he rang me and said whilst he was ranting your empty vessels came in to my mind he made my day !!!!!
I've taught all my girls my life motto - 'Be nice ...' they need that above everything else.
Treat others the way in which you want to be treated. I think this covers everything.
Teaching children to have a strong sense of self-believe, and confidence, that they can achieve anything with hard work and determination. To be resiliant as well, the ability to bounce back after problems. I thing they gain this from many things, security, consistency, parents being good role=models and giving their children plenty of praise. I also think children should have empathy with others, which is a bit like treating others as they would like to be treated I suppose, and lastly I think it is important for children to realise that there is a lot of luck in life, and not everyone has the same amount, in fact, some people seem to have no luck at all.
easy. to give them boundaries, let them make their own choices within that and let them know you love them. you can't shape another person, however hard you try. you have to let them get on with it. x

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What are the most important life lessons a parent can teach a child?

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