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Secret Child?

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poodicat | 20:00 Tue 27th Apr 2010 | Family & Relationships
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What you do if you found out that your husband had one


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poodi - Y no avatar?

If he's still alive - kill him
Question Author
Hi tamxx
depends when it was born.before you met or after??
and whether he knew
Question Author
Found out because his bank statements to the child support agency
Oh gawd.I don't know then
it depends on the circumstances, if he had the child before I embarked on the relationship I would be okay about it but upset that he couldnt be honest and confide in me about it.

If he had the child as the result of an affair (within the relationship) then that would be a different story entirely...
Good grief poodi! Not being nosey, but we're not talking about you right?
poodi why are you reading his bank statements? What does it say on the statement? CSA couls be the cooperative insurance
Question Author
No ladies just asking lol
Like Cazz, it would depend on the circumstances.

My aunt had a secret daughter who her parents adopted and brought up as her sister, back when it happened though I'm guessing that wasn't uncommon.

I think my uncle knew but it only came out generally a long way down the line, well after my aunt left my uncle (after 31 years and 3 more children) and went back to her first daughter's father and they are still very much together now.
Thank gawd - you had us going there for a minute!!!
Keep your hands off my milk money poodicat.
Think I would like to get to know the child ,if that were possible.
If he knew about it I would punch him then kick him out no doubt!
kill him and end the relasionship[
End the relationship!!!! What a horrible thought!
Ignore it if you don't want to lose him. Could be a good excuse, though, if you do.

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Secret Child?

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