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13:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010 |

Domestos is a globally recognised brand for cleaning. The range includes bleach in a bottle, rim blocks, hygiene wipes and bleach cleaning spray. The sheer power of Domestos bleach gives the confidence to know you are eradicating all known germs. With Domestos, you can be absolutely certain that the job is done.

Domestos was first sold in the UK in 1929 so there is a very good chance that your great-granny did in fact use it. In those days there was only one type of Domestos and it was sold by a man on his bicycle called Wilf Handley. Wilf had a stoneware jar on the front of his bike and went from door to door selling Domestos to happy customers. Originally it was used by housewives as a cotton and household surface whitener. It is now available in 35 countries worldwide, from the Netherlands and India to the Philippines.

Domestos is the number one or two bleach in nine countries (Croatia, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland and South Africa).

Domestos contains bleach (primarily sodium hypochlorite) and is manufactured by Unilever. The range of micro-organisms effectively killed by bleach (particularly sodium hypochlorite) is extensive, making it an extremely versatile disinfectant.

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