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How To Do An Easter Egg Hunt

12:00 Thu 12th Apr 2012 |

With Easter just around the corner we thought we would get all chocolaty and give you some tips on how to do an Easter egg hunt for your kids. “But we know what to do” we here you cry, well yes you might but here are some unusual ideas to make it extra specially fun, different and memorable:

1. Decoration – traditional Easter eggs were simply normal eggs that had been hard boiled and the shells decorated. This is a great, fun activity and can be done the day before so you have plenty of time. You can even hold a small competition with prizes for best dressed, most comical and wooden spoon etc. As the shells are still quite delicate it is probably not a good idea to use colouring pencils as these could quite easily go through and just make a big old mess. Poster paint or round ended felt tips pens are probably the best media to use depending on the age of the children. Make sure you have plenty spare eggs and if they don’t get used by the kids then the adults can also have a go! You can buy polystyrene or hollow plastic eggs from most handicrafts stores if you are worried about allergies or spoiling.

2. Include the neighbourhood – this is a great way to build relationships with your neighbours and you could even get some helpers. Most neighbourhood friendships start with the kids playing together outside anyway so why not invite their parents as well as the children?

3. The hunt is afoot – depending on your home setting hiding the decorated eggs in the garden or around the street is fine. However, if you do not have acres of grass and brushes then why not use clues instead and have all the eggs at the end – more like a treasure hunt. Set out clues written on paper and inside plastic eggs with pointers to the next location until the treasure is found. This can be done indoors as well which is great if it is raining!

4. The Treasure – of course all the children will be wanting their chocolate treats but why not also pack a picnic lunch with the treasure to be eaten at a suitably scenic location at the hunt’s end? This will stave off some of the tooth decay and you can get some healthy food in there as well. If you are packing fruit then ideally it should still have its skin on so that it doesn’t spoil in case the hunt is delayed, try bananas, clementine’s, apples, pears or grapes.

5. Added extras – if you have quite a few little children then why not get them to hide the eggs for the adults in a twist on the traditional egg hunt?

Hope you have a great Easter!!

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