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14:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010 |

Kleenex is arguably the number one brand of facial tissue in the world and has become a genuine global icon. Kleenex is a brand name for a variety of toiletry paper based products such as facial tissue, bathroom tissue, paper towels, and nappies. Kleenex tissues are made by Kimberly-Clarke.

The material from which Kleenex is made was originally called "Cellucotton," and was designed by Kimberly-Clark during World War I. It came to be used in gas mask filters during the war as a replacement for cotton, which was in high demand for use as a surgical dressing.

The tissue was trademarked “Kleenex” and went on the market in 1924 as a cold cream or makeup remover, a disposable substitute for facial towels. By the 1930s, Kleenex was being marketed with the slogan “Don’t Carry a Cold in Your Pocket” and its utilization as a disposable handkerchief replacement became predominant.

The tissues are made from natural fibres which are biodegradable. The surface is often made smoother by light calendering. These paper types consist usually of 2–3 plies.

Other products in the Kleenex range include Kleenex For Men which have been the number-one facial tissue brand in the UK for the past 50 years, Kleenex Super 3 Tissues, Kleenex Travellers, Kleenex Ultra Soft and Kleenex Balsam.

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