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Aldi/ Lidl Supermarkets Non Alcoholic/0% Wine?

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cleoval | 20:07 Wed 27th Mar 2024 | Drinks
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Hi Does anybody know if Aldi or Lidl sell Non Alcoholic Wines please.? Or if not Sainsburys or Asda.?  Thanks.



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there's no such thing.

They do in Sainsbury, several on shelves.  Not noticed any in Aldi.

I tried some low alcohol wine from Tesco and it was disgusting.

if you want no alcohol get yourself a big bottle of Lemonade - you get the same feeling

Yes Sainsbury's sell it . According to my guests the white is great the red is blurgh 

I agree with Auntypoll  on Tesco's non-alcholic wine.  The bright spot  is that there are lots and lots of very good non-or-low alchohol ciders around (max 0.5%).  Don't know about aldi or Lidle though.

You are better drinking grape juice, or similar, that the non alcoholic wines(or beers for that matter. They are awful. A bit like vegetarian sausage or bacon. Why?? Now if you want a bargain then Aldi are currently selling, in store only, a very nice bottle of Chablis. Reduced from £19.99 to £9.99. A bargain.


Why.?...Well, its one way to accommodate those who either can't, or choose not to have alcoholic drinks.

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Aldi/ Lidl Supermarkets Non Alcoholic/0% Wine?

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