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How long does Baileys last once it's opened?

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johnk | 11:43 Fri 16th Jul 2010 | Drinks
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im still drinking one that i opened 2 years ago lol
As long it tastes okay I'd keep drinking! :-)
Not long enough in this house! If the lids on properly it should last a good while - use it up over ice cream or in coffee or in a cheesecake etc. My sis-in-law had a bottle open from Christmas to the following Christmas and it was fine - so can't tell you more after that!
in my house, about two days.
Depends on how many you have at the party, about half hour ?

Despite being cream, it has a high alcohol content and so seems to keep well. Certainly I've drunk Baileys and copy-cat concoctions years after they were first opened, with no ill effects. So if it smells and tastes ok it probably is. And anyway, you'll soon find out.
Even less in my house jno, adore the stuff.
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Sounds like it will last long enough for me. I tend to drink a bottle of spirits in a month so that should be fine. Thanks everyone
You'll be able to tell if it's gone off because it gets very thick and has a smell similar to sour milk.
Baileys recommend consuming an opened bottle within 6 months. It should also be kept away from sunlight and cool - your fridge is ideal. It also doesn't like changes in temperature, so it's best kept cool all the time. If it looks and smells OK, it will be safe to drink, though the flavour may not be at its best after a few months.
mmmm baileys ive got a bottle in the cupboard dam shame cant touch it with anti bs lol

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How long does Baileys last once it's opened?

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