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Where do I recycle plastic bottle caps?

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JonnyBoy12 | 11:21 Thu 28th Oct 2010 | Drinks
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Not sure if this is the right category for this question, but can not see where else it would go? I have recently disposed of, or should I say, recycled in the normal plastic banks vast amounts of plastic bottles caps. Is this the best way to recycle them, as sometimes at household waste sites there are bins just for bottle caps. I know that sometimes charities collect them for their cause, but have not seen this campaigns recently.

Is there any national collection point for these, either by post, or any other means, and if so do they pay the postage? This may seem a trivial question, but I really do want to do the right thing, and can then also say that everything of mine is recycled.

Thanks, once again, for any helpful replies.


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Hi, our council take the bottles with the caps on when they recycle. Some charities where I live in Devon collect the tops from milk bottles, but the rest go with the bottles.
We cannot put the bottle caps in with our recycled bottles. So I am afraid I put them in with the rubbish.
A quick E/mail to your local Authority should give you the answer.

My local Council has requested all householders to remove caps and squash the bottles to reduce the space in the (free issued) pink plastic bags and then to throw the caps into the same bag.


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Where do I recycle plastic bottle caps?

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