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saving plum jam

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cecil39 | 21:28 Tue 13th Nov 2012 | Food & Drink
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a freind told me that his wife put jam in jars that had been used for 'cook in' sauces, and the jam tastes and smells of spice, i told him to tell her to reboil it and add some chillies and call it plum chutney or rellish, what would you do?


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Sounds like a good idea to me - but it's a salutory message about making sure your jars are clean and smell-free, before you start!
does she re use the lids? sometimes the jar is clean enough but the taint lingers in the lid.
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thanks boxtops and wolfgang, dont think she had made jam before, I went round to see her and the jam was a lovely consistancy, shame, but I tolds her how I clean and sterilize jars so she dont make the same mistake again, but sky??
Bit worried about the Nuclear part. it "spiced plum jam".
what is sky on?
Not sure Fluff, but do agree a 'paste bottom' is to be avoided at all costs.
It'll be the lids that smell. I have some that I was going to use for jam. Now using for chutney.
i want to know how to do this

fast dish up before joining lemon juice and mix from fire

sounds like it could be a cool party trick
Brings a whole new meaning to "Blue sky thinking"
Been years since I did an Acid pot.
Question Author
hoped sky might clarify, but then maybe best not, I can be easily confused.

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saving plum jam

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