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Supermarket Bakeries

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Matheous-2 | 13:05 Sat 09th Feb 2013 | Food & Drink
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A long time ago when Safeway had stores in the UK customers could walk in to the wonderful aroma throughout the store of fresh bread and cakes in the ovens that made you want to buy these products- then, even Safeway spoiled that by using frozen dough to replace their fresh items.
Now all Supermarkets do the same tasteless rubbish probably the same way,with frozen imported dough. And since they managed to put all the little Home Bakers shops out of business- why should they bother?


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Many supermarkets have machines that release appetising aromas into the air. They are entirely artificial.
13:44 Sat 09th Feb 2013
I disagree entirely, the Tesco and Morrison's in-house bakeries produce very tasty stuff.
I was in Tesco at 1am this morning and the smell from the bakery was devine and I watched the baker taking loads od loaves of freshly baked bread out of the ovens. If I am in a supermarket, be it Tesco, Sainsburys or Waitrose in the mornings I always smell fresh bread baking.
As do some Lidl stores now, boxtops.
my local co-op has an instore bakery

the aroma permeates the entire neighbourhood .... it is lovely
Much as I dislike a lot of Lidl products, I took my nan to Lidle last weekend and the whole store was filled with the aroma of fresly baked bread. I gave in to temptation and bought a warm seeded tiger loaf. It was lovely.
Many supermarkets have machines that release appetising aromas into the air. They are entirely artificial.
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Sorry Boxtops- I'm afraid we will have to disagree on that one....I am old enough to have tasted freshly made bread and cakes- not from frozen dough.
But then maybe it's down to the individual supermarket branches in Scotland.
Plus- wouldn't it be better for sales if the bakery was active in daylight hours when most customers are in store?
Bread is baked very early so it's ready for sale when the customers start to arrive!
My Saimsbury is baking all day and a few months ago I was told that they did not have any of my usual multi seed loaf was because the flour had not been delivered. So assumed from that they are making from scratch.
I will only eat Tesco bread these days. Its the nearest to the old fashioned local bakers.
Gone are the days when I could pop into a little bakery on my way home from work and buy a nice still warm loaf of bread. My downfall them was the 4-5 thick slices I would cut from it as soon as I got home.....spread with thick butter and home made mouth is watering now.
Co-op's bakery items are frozen, I know as I "bake" em.

They come already shaped, just frozen,bung em in the oven for 20 minutes-done.
ours bakes all day, they are always topping up the shelves
Don't think he's disputing that stuff's "baked" instore Boxy, think Matheous is unhappy about the loafs/rolls etc aren't made from scratch on the premises.
Our local baker used to have a sign in the window saying, "Not just fresh, just baked!"
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That's it in a nutshell BOO!
Question Author
I have to add - I'm getting more and more anti-supermarket as I get older, having good memories of local shops....
Morrison's bake bread 'from scratch', not from frozen dough.

>>>wouldn't it be better for sales if the bakery was active in daylight hours when most customers are in store?

The traditional bakers, which you seem to be supporting, usually started baking at around 4am, so that the bread would be ready when customers started coming through their doors. Supermarkets simply do the same.
Our local lidl (as others have mentioned) recently started an instore bakery, they bake through the day, no doubt it's from frozen, but it's definitely not tasteless and is hugely popular.
They do lovely seeded brown rolls and giant pretzels, mouth watering just thinking about them!
I suppose the baking aroma in supermarkets is on par with the advice given to those selling their house - greet prospective buyers with the smell of freshly brewed coffee! I've heard it said that the smell of fresh bread baking is the only food odour that is liked by every race throughout the world.

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Supermarket Bakeries

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