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Hp Sauce

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rockyracoon | 12:14 Tue 15th Oct 2013 | Food & Drink
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Has the recipe changed? I've just put it on an egg sandwich and it tastes a bit sweet :(


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Try the Guinness version - I think it's better than the current standard HP (which I agree has been tampered with for today's sweet-toothed consumers).
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I'll try that, is it tangy?
I use Branson's sauce............very spicy.
Yes - tangy and 'grown up'
Question Author
Excellent, thanks Dave.

Craft, is it sweet? I'm not keen on sweet sauces.
No it's not Rocky, I went off HP as well..........
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Thanks Craft, another one for the shopping list.
Daddies ! The king of broon !
Nooo, mm, go for the chippy broon sauce, (yummy!!!). IMHO
Didn't it change ownership not so long ago ? Probably new owners playing with the product.
Always keep in mind...when something claims to be 'original recipe', it doesn't necessarily mean the recipe that has been used since it was first made. 'Original' can mean a new recipe that hasn't been used before, and that could have been first produced last week. Daddies for me, too!
HP sauce is produced in the Netherlands now and I agree's far too sweet .
Same with Heinz tomato sauce's so sugary sweet nowadays for some reason .Why do they have to bugger about with things :)
Question Author
Exactly shaney, you shouldn't mess with perfection ;)
They do a nice BBQ version!
Question Author
I like the BBQ sauce Zac but there's a time and a place for that and it's not at lunchtime in an egg sandwich :-)
‘‘In line with changes in consumer tastes, Heinz has long been committed to reducing added salt in recipes in line with Government health targets."

Well which is it. In line with health targets, or in line with consumer tastes ?

Personally, whilst I understand less salt is healthier for me, I add it because it gives the taste I want. So the two aims are not synonymous. I suspect it is probably out of kilter with consumer taste and more in line with what the consumer thinks they ought to want. And maybe in line with a cheaper option, or is that too cynical ?

I should say that these days I rarely if ever add bottled sauce. It overpowers the flavour of the food it is put on.
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I agree OG, it's all about the money if you ask me. Well, I've got the hump about it but at least I've a couple of options.
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Hp Sauce

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