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How Can I Purchase Twinkies And Other American Confectionary?

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flobadob | 09:27 Tue 22nd Oct 2013 | Food & Drink
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I was looking to buy a box of Twinkies online but I found that no one on Amazon seems to send to Ireland and on eBay the postage costs are crazy if they even post at all. Is there another website I can use to buy them and get them sent here reasonably?


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these ok? there are quite a few companies offering american candy
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Thanks I'll check them out later, I take it those are UK based companies who import from the states then sell on.
I'd say so Flob, the one I linked does 24 hour delivery so I imagine they are definitely here.
You should be aware that the Hostess Company, makers of Twinkies and other such delectables entered bankruptcy earlier this year and only went back in to production at a reduced rate in late July. It appears that the new Hostess company wants to keep their production costs to a minimum and haven't resumed full line production. You may see a reduction in the availability in the U.K and Europe...
Hostess bankrupt? They've been around for what seems ages.
I loved Twinkies when I was a kid....they would be intolerably sweet now.
Are you near a city? I know of a couple of places in Manchester who sell American goods and at least one in Birmingham.

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How Can I Purchase Twinkies And Other American Confectionary?

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