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Omg I Love Piccalilli

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Iamcazzy | 17:47 Thu 21st Apr 2016 | Food & Drink
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I can't resist tucking into a jar of piccalilli with a teaspoon! It's lovely. My favourite right now is Morrison's own version which unusually contains round green beans as well as the usual cauliflower, silverskin onions and gherkins. It's lush!


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Totally agree, but I think Tesco's sweet is the best mmm
As a teenager when all my mates were buying chocolate and crisps, I'd buy a jar of mustard pickle and a box of Ritz crackers and eat till it took the skin off the top of my mouth.

Yes I was the odd bod of the bunch.
I haven't tried it in donkeys years. I love gherkins though.
The devil's vomit, much like mayonnaise.
I've made my own for the last 3 years - Hairy Bikers' recipe. Magic!
Oh you should try making your own Iamcazzy. That way you can decided which veg to include in whatever proportions you fancy.
I make this one which is really nice and couldn't be easier.

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Omg I Love Piccalilli

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