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M&s £6 Meal Deal

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ethandron | 16:48 Fri 21st Apr 2017 | Food & Drink
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Popped into M&S today for a browse, came out with a load of summer clothes and two of their £6 meal deals.
The £6 deal is the same as the £10 one minus wine...a main, a side dish and a pud. So tonight we're having minced beef and onion shortcrust pastry pie, which is absolutely huge, a layered veg thing, and two melt in the middle chocolate puds, the middle is Jaffa orange stuff.
I had no idea they did this £6 meal deal, only noticed it because we went in for some limes, must look out for it in future, very handy to have in the freezer.
So that's us sorted, what about you, what will be on your plate tonight?


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Chicken with wholegrain rice and stir fry vegetables. I have yet to roast the chicken. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

Will pop into Marks tomorrow. Thanks for that.
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Enjoy your chicken Tilly. And get yourself to m&s early to avoid the scrum :)
That meal deal has been on for months - and I don't think it's weekends only, as the other Dine-In is. The main courses have been the same for ages and there's not as much choice as in the £10 deal,
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I'm not aware that it's been on for months, I think they come and go. And the £10 deal isn't just over a weekend, it usually lasts for a week.
Seemed to be a lot of choice today... :)
Does look a good choice there.

I've not decided yet.
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This latest £6 meal deal is on from 19th to 26th April, I just checked.
Will you go and grab one mamy?
No Eth , it would cost me more than the meal price to get to M&S - I've decided on Chilli and rice.
Eating along tonight somit will be a pathetic grab around from fridge or cupboards. Probably too late to do a raid on the freezer given we don't have a microwave to defrost a humble offering.
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I don't know how you manage without a microwave Eccles. I rarely use mine to actually cook but it's invaluable for many other things..porridge in the morning, milky coffee, beans, frozen peas, scrambled eggs, and of course prick and ping things and defrosting.
lamband halloumi kebabs
I have a new microwave and I can't work it :-)
Yaaay I just managed some shredded duck with some hoisin sauce in a mini wrap with some spring onion and cucumber.
I managed two thirds of it, I am very happy about that.

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M&s £6 Meal Deal

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