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Spicy Plum Jam Name? Puns Please!

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LittleSquidge | 16:48 Sun 09th Jul 2017 | Food & Drink
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I've found a large bush of wild cherry plums (legally!), so tomorrow I'm making a large stash of spicy plum jam.

Think of it as The Harvester's "Spiked Maple Glaze" sauce - something to dip chips into.

Recipe mainly contains jalapeños and plums.

I label my jams so I know what's inside and it feels such a waste to just add "Spicy Plum Jam"!

Any better ideas? The funnier the better!

Name needs to state (in some way) the contents is spicy and based on plums.


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Plum like it hot
17:04 Sun 09th Jul 2017
" Yum Yum Plum "
Plum like it hot
Spicy depth plummed
I was along the lines of Marval.....but I do like Toorak's...Plum like it hot..... :-)

My friend made jars of plum jam for a craft do and her labels all read.....

Plumb Jam...... :-(
Nice And Delicately Spiced.
Cherry cherry plum plum!
I hope if you pick one of these suggestions you send them a jar.
The Red Hot Chilli Plums

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Spicy Plum Jam Name? Puns Please!

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