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Pressure Cooker/All In One Recommendations, Please

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Barmaid | 11:13 Tue 11th Oct 2022 | Food & Drink
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I'm thinking of getting a new pressure cooker. I've got a 9l stove top one - it is far too big for just two of us. It's fine if I want to batch cook or do a joint of gammon, but it is not practical for every-day use because of its massive capacity and the minimum amount of liquid needed.

Any recommendations, please? I quite fancy a Ninja or similar, but even a lot of those are 7.5l - unless you can use a small amount of food/liquid.


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This Instant Pot Duo is on sale today and comes in several sizes...
14:30 Tue 11th Oct 2022
I love my Sage pressure cooker/slow cooker. I bought it when it was on offer from Amazon. Very simple to use and super easy to clean
I can cook smaller quantities in it
BM, I’d definitely recommend the Ninja 15-1, we’ve had ours for two weeks and I’ve not used the oven or hob since
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I'll check out the Sage cooker, Barry, thank you.

Bobbi - I'm quite taken with the idea of a Ninja, but aren't most of them 7 litres? Can you do small amounts of stuff in it (ie just for 2).

A friend has just recommended an Instant Pot as well.
Yes, there’s just the two of us, it comes with a small handbook , all I do is reduce the settings to the weight I’m using
Yes, you can do small amounts in a Foodi.
We had a string of Prestige pressure cookers and were always having to replace seals etc and faff about to get them to seal to come up to pressure. Then we bought a Kuhn Rikon about 15 years ago and it's just worked - never needed any spares/seals/valves at all. They're not cheap but well worth the money; have a look on their website.
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Thank you all. I ordered an Instant Pot, and used it tonight and was quite impressed at the ease of use. I used one of my own recipes which normally takes 2 hours on the stove top or at least 8 in the slow cooker after prep. It took 20 mins and Mr BM declared it "tasty".

I'm grateful to you all, but particularly to Pasta for pointing out the saving!!

Woohoo! I was hoping you'd see my link.
Thanks for BA x

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Pressure Cooker/All In One Recommendations, Please

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