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Pink Gin

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Khandro | 23:58 Fri 27th Jan 2023 | Food & Drink
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Is anyone a fan, I don't mean the stuff marketed as such in bottles?

And btw what happened to shootta who was good on obscure drinks?


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How else do buy it?
You put a few drops of Robinson's summer fruits cordial in the bottle John, anything vaguely red will do though as the gin is so foul no-one drinks it.
I hate pink gin with a passion. I am slowly going off all kinds of flavoured Artisan gins.

I like good decent clear dry gin. I got The Botanist and Opihr for my birthday. I have a little bit of Tanquery Flor de Sevilla left but I'm struggling to drink the remainder.
Proper pink gin is amazing not the terrible stuff you get in bottles
I have shared in the distillery that make botanist.
Pink gin is gin with a dash of angostura bitters - used to be popular in the 70s. I`m not a fan of gin but a friend bought some of a branded pink gin and even she couldn't drink it and she loves gin.
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It's angostura bitters, a few drops in a cocktail glass swirled around just to coat the inside & any residue dumped, gin added & zest of lemon. Water & ice optional.
Nothing to do with those bottled concoctions.

Angostura (from the bark of a tree) was discovered to prevent sea-sickness, the Royal Navy took it up but mariners preferred it with gin - of course. It has always been associated with the navy, nothing girlie about it at all.

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Pink Gin

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