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Fao Sqad…Instant Mash

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Vagus | 09:43 Fri 14th Apr 2023 | Food & Drink
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Just wanted to tell you, we had that Idahoan mash again last night, and once again it didn’t disappoint, it was the cheese one, first time we’ve had it.
Also, every time we have it, I think of you, hope you’re doing ok x


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did you take it with 400mg ibuprofen?
...and minotaur the situation?

Apologies for the beastly soh, dear Sqad, I was thinking of the Monster Mash ;)
What is so special about Idaho spuds ?
LOL..LOL. Thanks vagus.
//////Also, every time we have it, I think of you,...//////

The potato's I presume?
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Cheeky! ;o)
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OG, these Idahoan instant ones taste just like proper mash but are far less faff. I tried them on sqads recommendation and was very impressed.
Seeing as MrT does 99% of the cooking and likes preparing veg, potatoes are still pealed in our house or small ones not peeled just cooked. If ì lived alone would be living on ready meals!
Where do you get them from?
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I don’t peel any potatoes, big or small, but find this lovely mash is great if you want..err..mash :)
I get mine from Sainsbury’s as that’s where I shop but I’d think most supermarkets sell it.
Thanks Vagus, I'll give it a try.
Yes, I think of sqad too, when we have this mash. I've recommended it to several others who all agree it's a great time-saver as well as very nice to eat. I usually stock up when it's on offer in Waitrose (every other month, seemingly!).
Mrs sqad adds black pepper, butter and cream, when it is hot.
We often add a dollop of grainy mustard or strong horseradish sauce, or chopped chives. (Jamie Oliver would be impressed!)
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I’ve only ever added a big lump of butter, but cream, mustard or horseradish all sound like delicious additions and I’ll give one of them a go next time we have it (the mash, Sqad, the mash!)
I actually prefer smashed potatoes to mashed potatoes that are smoogth and creamy.
Idaho is the American name for Russets...because they are grown in Idaho. ;)
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I love all potatoes…boiled, mashed, smashed, baked, chipped, small, big. I never peel any of them, or carrots.
That’s interesting Pasta.

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Fao Sqad…Instant Mash

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