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Meal Times And Fasting

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drobi619 | 17:45 Tue 30th May 2023 | Food & Drink
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Two questions regarding eating that I want to know would be good for me:

I have been told that no calories or eating should be consumed 6hrs before bed is that true?

Also I am wondering if fasting is a good idea for someone who want to lose weight? Particularly a 16+ hour fast?

If one agrees with the above questions then my eating window would probably be anytime after 8am and stop at 4pm. This is because of work that I would end my eating window so early. Please let me know thoughts and ideas.


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Finish eating by 8.00pm and eat again at 11am the next day.
I think that you might be better discussing this with your GP as individual persons have different needs with regard to calorie intake and blood sugar levels.
The GP could advise on your particular case, based on your health record.

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Meal Times And Fasting

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