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I Need Help Coming Up With Lunch Ideas

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drobi619 | 07:02 Tue 19th Sep 2023 | Food & Drink
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I am thinking either one of these combinations:

- salad and soup

- salad and sandwich

- sandwiches and salad 

the thing is that I have to be getting in my daily amounts of 176g protein, 176g carbs, 39g fats, and no more than 1700 calories. Please let me know your thoughts. 



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That's an awful lot of carbs.  


I'd probably have fruit, yoghurt, oats and seeds for breakfast with a bit of honey and a couple of pieces of whole fruit on the side.  Lunch could be a salad with grains or vegetable soup and wholemeal pitta and dinner would be lean protein with vegetables, either steamed or stir-fried. 



How much time have you allowed in your daily schedule for sourcing and making lunch?

I'd vary it. Skip bread some days . Eat fish and chicken for protein.

I assume your also eating to limit for other meals

Question Author

I have plenty of time for lunch as I work evenings so I can make lunch at home. 
you guys are not fully answering the question as I am asking from the three meal options which one you would pick. 
I do for breakfast either have eggs and sausage or protein oatmeal with fruit. And right now dinner is what ever I feel like. 

Question Author

I meant to say soup and sandwich as an option not salad and sandwich twice 

I did answer it. I said vary it. And drop the sandwich some days 

Where are your vegetables, beans and pulses that can also provide carbs and will give you fibre and essential nutrients and vitamins?

Jacket (baked potato) with beans will give you carbs, protein and help fill you up.

Salad is a strange thing - your definition of 'salad' will be different from everyone else's.  If it is just tomato, cucumber, lettuce, peppers etc it won't fill you up for very long.  Add red kidney and broad beans, and pasta and you will get more carbs and fibre.

Spaghetti Bolognese and chilli con carne are good sources and protein/carbs/fats.  You don't have to have a mountain of spaghetti or rice, keep portion sizes moderate.

Soup is excellent if you include root vegetables, beans and meat of some kind. 

Some interested reading from Dr Michael Moseley - essentially when you cook carbs such as rice, pasta and potatoes, cool them down and then reheat later, the starch becomes more resistant and therefore does not spike your blood sugars as much.  It is also good for your liver and for feeding gut bacteria.


The Cheat's Guide to losing the flab for firmer flesh with Michael Mosley | 

I am very dubious about the current thinking re carbs.  Experts keep pointing to the 50s and 60s when very few people were obese as the ideal lifestyle but generally we ate much more carbs (and sugar) then than we do now.

It can't be down to quality - the mass produced bread was not as nutritious as today's cheapest loaf.   Carbs are fine if we live as we did in the 50s and 60s, we were burning more energy just by living our daily lives.

My dad was a very slim man and kept his weight constant all his life but if I ate like he did I would be extremely obese. We didn't have a car and he cycled miles every day doing his job, worked hard on his garden and two allotments and really only sat down for his meals and two hours before bed.  He was not unusual. 


what will be the difference between 

salad and sandwich ?


sandwiches and salad ?

and what flavour sandwiches ?

Be very careful re reheating rice and follow the safety guidelines ro avoid food poisoning !

Johnny, he answered that at 7:15

Soup, homemade, with bread for dunking.

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I Need Help Coming Up With Lunch Ideas

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