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Whats Happened Or Gone Wrong.

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nicebloke1 | 10:39 Wed 27th Sep 2023 | Food & Drink
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I just adore strewberrys thoughtout the summer months, and make a real pig of myself. To me the Scottish strewberry is far superior in every way, but this summer I've not seen any on the market. They are nomally a little more expensive to buy but well worth the extra. If you do stand any chance of buying them, then M&S is normally the place to look first, one or two other shops may stock them should the growing season be really good and price is moderate.

The ones I have bought have been hit and miss all summer, but mainly rubbish, going rotten by the next morning. You could blame the wet summer we've had to a certain degree, but most commercial growers grow undercover. So whats the reason for no Scottish strewberrys? transport costs is the only other reason I can come up with. 



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Asda sell them (well they do in Wallasey), I bought Scottish strawberries last Saturday.

whether it's the weather, who knows?

We've had Scottish strawberries in Morrisons for at least three months now - and I agree they are the best.

My strawberries didn't do very well this summer, too much rain and not enough sun.

I didn't realise that about Scottish strawberries being better - I've got to try and find some now to try lol.

What a load of cobblers. People today are just weak, soft wimps, looking for anything to be upset about. You see it all the time on BBC Breakfast.

Oops! Wrong thread! Sorry! Or has someone moved it here on purpose! 😔 

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