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Hazlinny | 13:36 Fri 06th Oct 2023 | Food & Drink
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An interesting link, thanks Haz.

To be honest I thought it would be worth a lot more than that, seeing how I saw this bottle for sale at Manchester Airport in July this year:

I wonder if its a highland or a peaty dram

There are 40 of them Giz so that means not so unique so price lowers.

I prefer a nice peaty one but I wouldnt turn down a drop of whatever this is.🥂

I hate peaty scotch.

says this one has medicinal characteristics with no peaty smoke.

Tannister from Skye put paid to my taste of Scotch. Irish is my preferred water of life.

I bet the collection is worth more than the castle it was found in.

the article says it's been rebottled - i wonder why? it was my understanding that whisky can 'age' after it's been bottled, so if you keep a bottle of 10 yo malt for 20 years, it doesnt become 30 yo malt?

for can read can't!

if there's 40 bottles at 10 k each, i dont think that's more than a castle's worth?

Do you mean Talisker?

no its the age when its in the barrel so if it was put in the barrel in 1900 and bottled in 1910 and not sold till 1990 its still a 10 year old except its from 1900

It has medicinal characteristics with no peaty smoke.


In other words, good for cleaning paint brushes.

ha kahndro i did think for "‘It is very much a distillate driven malt whisky, with minimal wood influence" and "It possesses clear textural weight in the mouth, along with a flavour profile that strongly involves medicinal characteristics without any notable or pronounced peat smoke" read "vile"

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