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Hazlinny | 16:27 Sat 07th Oct 2023 | Food & Drink
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Today a friend brought me an Iced Paradise Slice .. I had forgotten how good it tasted with the fruit filling.

Do you have a favourite cake .. what is it?



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I love a decent Victoria sponge 

My Mum's Welsh cakes

Any cake at all is my favourite!

I'd never heard of a paradise slice and had to look it up, looks like my kind of cake 😋

If we're out and about I'd probably choose lemon drizzle or a cheese scone. Here at home we've become addicted to all bran cake with loads of butter.

Battenberg and cream slices

Oh actually, now Malloy has mentioned it, a custard slice, and jammy donuts.

Marie Antoinette said 'Let them eat cake' that's fine by me. I'll eat any and everything. If pushed, a favourite would be a choux bun.

All bran cake was my late nan's speciality.

I like a Chelsea bun cut in half and spread with butter.

My homemade fave is carrot, parsnip and pecan 😋 

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There was Tipsy Cake though never see it in bakery these days.

A fruit cake, especially a really good Christmas cake without much icing 

I like a nice cream horn.

Ginger cake

I'm not that big on cakes except (Jaffa) ooh controversial.

I do like on occassion a bit of Lemon drizzle.

Custard tart.

Nothing beats one.

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^^ Is that also known as Vanilla slice or different?

Everyone hide your cakes Hopkirks about.

and that's a tart clues is in the name.

When I used to bake, my favourites were either very dark ginger cake made with black treacle, or a rich very chocolatey chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. 

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