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Lotto’s Sweet Potatoes

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Vagus | 10:00 Thu 26th Oct 2023 | Food & Drink
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After reading the link you put up yesterday for the tasty sweet potato and carrot recipe, Lotty, I adjusted my click and collect and now have all the ingredients to make it 😋. Many thanks x



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Question Author

Blooming heck....Lotty not lotto 😡

I hope you've chosen the correct numbers. Good luck.


Enjoy.  We actually use frozen sweet potatoes. Mr Lotto doesn't eat them, so it's  more economical and much quicker just to get some out for me.

Have a nice day. X

Question Author

Tilly, I read a different recipe for microwave onions which I may fry at some point..

Use a whole onion, peel it and hollow out the middle enough to put a stock cube in and cover the stock cube with butter. Microwave it (can't remember how long for).
Sounded tasty and a bit different and a change as a veg accompaniment.

Lotty, hope you have a nice day too (and you Tilly) xx

Question Author

🙄 try not fry, I give up.

I saw that video of using a whole onion, Vagus. I'm definitely going to try/fry that.

That onion recipe sounds good. But, a whole stock cube? That sounds like a lot of salt. 

Hee hee...I'd add a bit of garlic or chilli...or both!

Question Author

I thought that too pasta, and wouldn't use a whole one, even though I love salty stuff.

If you do it, Tilly, let us know what it's like.

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Lotto’s Sweet Potatoes

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