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James Martin And His Butter

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smurfchops | 12:04 Sat 04th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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I think he must have shares in Lurpak.....



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Add a pack of butter to the potatoes and mash!!

I'm a firm believer in butter...but I still feel guilty as I throw a few pats into or on things.

I thought he had a heart issue a year or two ago?

Now you know why ;-)

I haven't got a clue what you're all talking about. A more comprehensive explanation (or a link) might improve the effectiveness of this threas.

I didn't know he had a heart attack, but he did witness a man having an attack when he was in Dubai and it scared him for a while


Being brought up on a farm, he ate only butter and full cream milk . I agree with him that today's so-called butter-like margarines are a shocking mixture of chemicals


We only eat butter too.  Never ever any substitutes.  But we don't eat as much as James!  




Another butter eater here.
I only buy two butters, one is from m&s and is French with salt crystals, the other is from Sainsbury's, also French. I've not found a British butter which compares to either of these.

I also have a small thing of lurpak spreadable in the fridge for emergencies..although what emergency I'd actually use it for escapes me 🙄

I get West Country butter with sea salt crystals from Lidl...made in Somerset. 

Buy local!

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Well we eat thinly spread butter on bread and toast but only cook with Olive or Vegetable Oil, I just cannot believe the amount of butter he uses in his cooking.  No wonder he wears waistcoats to make himself look thinner.  A heart attack waiting to happen.  

I thought he'd given up eating butter?

We don't have an Aldi or Lidl within 12 miles of us, Pasta. I always try and buy local where possible but I'll not compromise on my butter.

We use olive oil for cooking but rarely need it for cooking due to the type of food we cook and eat.

As well as butter, I like James Martin 😋😁

Butter tastes best, but I've been swayed by the margarines that claim they lower (bad) cholesterol. That stated I don't use as much of either these days.

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James Martin And His Butter

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