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Workout And Eating Schedule

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drobi619 | 05:18 Sun 05th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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What are your thoughts on this schedule? I am trying to lose weight. Right now, I am 29, female, 5 feet, and 165lb, who wants to get down to 100lb if possible. 

7 am - Breakfast

8 am - Workout 

9:45 - snack

Noon - Lunch

3:15 - snack

3:30 - workout 

6 pm - Dinner

9:15 - snack/Desert



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Looks fine, depending on what you have for the snacks. 

You need to take time to digest your meal before exercise, 1 1/2 hours for toast and 3 for anything else.  If haven't exercised in the last 12 months use heart rate training and exercise you heart and lungs before anything else.

Subtract your age from 180 and another 10 if you've done nothing in the last 12 months or been ill or injured in thhat time.   You'll probably find a fast walk is enough.

If you're serious about losing weight it's a long journey and the main way to lose weight is diet.  Don't go in for fad diets that last a week before you give up but just reduce a little each week.

Remember it's a very long journey to health and fitness but worth it in the end




I am unable to exercise due to arthritic hip. I've lost just over two stone since the middle of February just by watching what I eat. I don't exactly count calories but know roughly what I should, or shouldn't, be eating. Because I'm inactive I've kept to about 1100 calories a day. It's been a bit tough but I allow myself a little treat now and then. I know this won't suit you and your lifestyle but it shows there are other ways of losing weight than being a slave to a workout. Good luck, you'll get there eventually.

Why are you having snacks? You should eat when hungry, and eat enough to keep yourself satisfied until your next meal. Concentrate on good is more filling. Try to avoid bread, pasta and other starchy foods.

Same with any snacks if you are really hungry...have a boiled egg, or a few nuts or toasted seeds. 

The schedule's fine, it's the food quantities which are important.

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Workout And Eating Schedule

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