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Owww Muuuuchhh.

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melv16 | 09:59 Tue 07th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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It was the annual dinner for my male voice choir on Friday. They didn't have any real ale, so I plumped for Morreti lager for £6-00/pt. I had a large glass of red wine which came to £10-40!!! BTW, the function was held at my local Hilton Hotel. Am I out of touch or are these the normal prices in hotels? 



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You substituted lager for real ale ? Really ?


You don't menion your locale but heck, one can believe anything of hotel bar prices. (Especially of late when the cost of drink has skyrocketed at all pubs since the pandemic restrictions hit the industry.)

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I don't like keg beer or British lager, so I plumped for Morrietti.

Yep, both normal.

A G&T is also around £10 (for a single), and be very careful about a "premium" gin (like Hendrick's Lunar Gin, ~£40 a litre at Waitrose) which could be getting on for £15 for a single at a bog-standard pub.

I paid more than that for a pint of bog standard lager in a back street pub in Norfolk before lockdown

I am paying £4.60 for a pint of Bass. It has gone up 30% since lockdown. A tot of single malt Macallan whisky is £8.40. 

Where we sometimes go to eat a pint of Tim Taylor Boltmaker is now £4.80. I can't stand Weatherspoons but their prices are tremendous in comparison

Can't understand why so many pubs are closing. 🙄

Currently I pay £2.34 for a pintof real ale and with two large Merlots the total is £8. About 3 weeks ago one pint was 99p and a couple of other real ales were £1.29p

//I am paying £4.60 for a pint of Bass//

Bass smells of farts before you even drink it.  Vile beer IMHO. Had some in NYC once, even worse.

As for £10.40 for a beer and wine my local chimneys pub were charging about that before covid.

For a Hilton it seems pretty reasonable.

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I can understand them charging £6-00 for a pint of lager, but £10-40 for wine is a bit extortionate. I pay £4-80 for black sheep in my local pub and paid £5-50 for boltmaker in a hotel in Staithes...the best beer I've tasted in a long time. 

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Owww Muuuuchhh.

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