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How Do You Check An Avocado For Ripeness?

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NoseyNose | 21:39 Sun 12th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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I am not having much luck with (supermarket) avocados.I bought two on Thursday,the first was rock hard on that day,but the second was just ripe enough.How do you check them for ripeness?Please don't tell me to squeeze them, and that they should give like soft butter,that doesn't work.All the ones I tried were rock hard,but some (when I used them) were soft enough to eat,so it's a bit of a lottery.I tried a suggestion,of putting them in a plastic bah with a banana,the gas given off by the fruit, is supposed to quickly ripen the avocado.Sometimes it's OK, and other times the avocado goes rotten quickly.

Please help me,as I do love avocados.




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Phew! Thought it was 'plastic bath'!

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The thought of me,in a plastic bath,surrounded by unripe avocados is so amusing!LOL

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Sorry,you have to cut and paste to see the image.

Mrs Hymie advises that there is no guaranteed method to ensure ripeness – however she says that they should not be rock hard, but have some very slight give under pressure from your thumb - soft avocados are past their best.

Slight pressure but only around the top of the fruit, next to where it hung on the tree - then you don't spoil it.

if everyone squeezed them, they'd be a mass of bruises in no time.

Putting in a bag with a banana does help if they're rock hard but not a plastic bag - an ordinary brown paper bag is better.


Just buy your avacadoes from Waitrose 

A gentle feel, with slight pressure all round, to see how much 'give' there is. A special push at the end of one. 

I love avocados as well, but have almost given up eating them because of the effects of growing them on the habitats of orang-utans to name but one specis. I've had 2 this year and there may be a third at Christmas.

If you do have an avocado - try planting the nut (don't let it dry out).  You will soon have a handsome plant which helps with CO2 digestion  etc..

After you've checked it for ripeness, whether it's ripe or not, simply chuck it in your compost bin. Dreadful things, avocados. I once heard that diesel fuel could be made from them quite easily. Best thing, IMHO.



I share your pain - I have found it impossible to be absolutely certain, and have encountered several failures. 

The simplest solution is to mix up wallpaper paste and smear it onto toast, seasoning to taste then you get all of the 'benefits' and none of the downside for the wildlife.

I love them 

This time of year the Hass, wrinkly skin, is the one to buy. The skin darkens as it ripens.

The smooth skinned Bacon is best late spring and summer.

We grow them. To get fruit you need male and female plants if you grow from the stone you need to graft them to get fruit

I love then too but I wouldn't buy them during winter months. Even during the summer it has been hit or miss with them. If I buy them hard, I leave them to ripen on my kitchen windowsill until slightly soft.

I remember the 70s when "avocado" was a very popular colour for bathrooms. Ugh !

If they are hard leave them uncovered on a dish until they feel slightly soft then transfer to fridge still uncovered and they last longer.  I love them stuffed with tuna or prawns and drizzled with sweet chilli sauce.  My favourite lunch!

I wish you luck finding a method, I've never had a need to know one. I'm in the camp of, "they're not tasting very nice", so I've no reason to need them. (That stated, guacamole is bearable.)

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How Do You Check An Avocado For Ripeness?

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