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Pan Yan Pickle

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NoseyNose | 01:48 Tue 14th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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Does anyone remember Pan Yan Pickle.I do from my youth (1950's)

It disappeared from the shelves,and Premier Food who have the rights to it,and the recipe,which they claim they have lost!

The nearest I can find is Tesco(fine cut) sandwich pickle.but I don't think anything can really replace Pan Yan!




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I'm not a great fan of pickles but perhaps you could try the recipe, for something very similar, which is suggested here?

17 years ago, it was suggested that Aldi's Spiced Orchard Chutney was a good substitute:

That product, per se, no longer seems to be sold by Aldi but my guess is that it might well have been rebranded to this:

I remember it but the pickle of choice has always been piccalilli.

We usually had Pan Yan when I was a kid, although sometimes we had Haywards Military Pickle.   We also  had Piccalilli mustard Pickle.  Now I buy Branston and Piccalilli.

I recall the brand name; but from so long ago that at that time I wasn't much into pickled stuff. That was for the adults.

I didn't know that Hayward's had sold their pickle and vinegar lines to Mizkan of Japan. 

Weird. That Foods of England link, the ingredient list on the back of the US pickle jar doesn't match the recipe they suggest trying !

Your right, OG - no swede or carrot.

I was only thinking about Pan Yan pickle yesterday, when we were in cafe and I had a round of cheese & pickle sandwiches. It wasn't the usual Branston one. Then it suddenly came back to me, that taste of Pan Yan pickle! Or something very similar. I still prefer Branstones, though. 😁

Branston is also owned by Mizkan

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Pan Yan Pickle

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