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Something A Bit Different For Dinner

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naomi24 | 10:35 Sun 07th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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We tried this the other night.  Very nice indeed.


Anyone else tried it?



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No...but it looks like it would certainly wake up your taste buds. 😋

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It's not super, super hot, pasta - not to burn your mouth - but it is nice and spicy.

That link doesn't work for me.

Oh! It's working now.

It looks easy peasy but I would have to cook it for more that 30 minutes.

Site timed out first time for me too.


Doubt many have heard of Franks and his cook-in bag of seasoning.

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We've only just discovered it, OG.  I think it's probably new to the supermarkets.

Thats a coincidence. I cooked something very similar last night from scratch. I coated six bone-in thighs with a dry rub that I usually  make for chicken wings and baked them in the oven.Quite spicy and garlicky. I had it with steamed courgettes and Maltese Beguilla (pureed broad beans with garlic, chilli flakes and olive oil)

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Something A Bit Different For Dinner

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