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Pineapple On Your Cooked Breakfast

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Vagus | 11:21 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Apparently many many years ago a slice of pineapple was always included in a cooked breakfast.

Would you give it a go? I would.



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I have pineapple with gammon so i don't think it would be a big stretch to have it with smoked bacon. Maybe even kippers?

Pineapple is usually served with gammon - I think it breaks down the meat. Castaways who had little else but pineapple to eat found their gums deteriorated badly.

Question Author

Of course, I'd forgotten about gammon and pineapple. I really like sweet/salty things, I know of someone who always has a blob of marmalade on her plate with a cooked breakfast.

I always believed pineapple was eaten with gammon because of the meats high salt content, Dave? And i guess those castaways with bad gums didn't have much in the way of oral hygiene products. A toothbrush and toothpaste wouldn't be the first things i'd reach for if the ship was about to sinkπŸπŸš’πŸ˜‰

"Bromelain is an enzyme extract derived from the stems of pineapples, although it exists in all parts of the fresh pineapple. The extract has a history of folk medicine use. As an ingredient, it is used in cosmetics, as a topical medication, and as a meat tenderizer.

"Pineapple is often paired with gammon because it provides a sweet and tangy contrast to the salty flavour of the meat. The combination of gammon's savoury richness and pineapple's tropical sweetness creates a mouthwatering fusion of flavours hat's simply delicious." 

"Pineapple is also a natural tenderiser which helps to break down the tough fibres in the gammon and make it more succulent."

T'would appear we are both correct, Dave😊

Not a fan of mixing sweet & savoury. Sweet is for desserts. Certainly not on a cooked breakfast. But maybe with one of the continental things. (Personally if I have a gammon steak I always go for the fried egg option. I have little interest in a sweet steak.)

my hat isnt simply delish ken!

Ken - your post at 10.30 seemed to refute & attempt to ridicule my explanation. So saying "It would seem we are both right" is a bit of a cop out. But seeing as you're from Burnley, I'll let it go.

Like pineapple ring on cheese & toast, with ham and cubes with my cereal.  Very refreshing!

Dave, i was honestly NOT trying to diss your explanation. I was merely pointing out what i've always believed - that pineapple counter-acted against the saltiness of gammon. I'd never heard of pineapple beong a tenderizer and i guess every day's a school day - especially on AB. While my comment on the castaways may be seen as flippant, it was meant merely as a throwaway remark - hence the 'winky-face' emoji.

My second post was merely to back up my opinion but it also  confirmed yours. 

With reference to your last sentence, are you from these parts?

Bednobs, to know that means you've tried eating it at least once.

Ken - I lived at Ightenhill for a few years in the 80s

Not far from where i'm situated, Dave, 5 mins by car, about 20 on Shank's pony - Accy Rd, Lowerhouse Lane, Kiddrow Lane, Padiham Rd.

I bet it wasn't always served with a cooked breakfast.  That would have been only for the wealthy 

Question Author

Well yes, Barry. Ordinary folk couldn't afford a cooked breakfast, let alone pineapple.

I never ate breakfast at all until after I retired. Maybe I'd have done better at school if I had - they seem to think it's important now.

Vagus, most ordinary farming folk would have had bacon and eggs for breakfast.  

yes but they'd already done a day's work Barry!

Question Author

Most ordinary farming folk aren't 'most ordinary folk' though are they? 
Anyhow, I thought it was interesting, might add some next time I have a cooked breakfast.πŸ₯“πŸ³πŸ

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Pineapple On Your Cooked Breakfast

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