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Vagus | 19:06 Sat 27th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Tonight we're having ham shanks in pepper, orange and something else sauce, with carrot and potato crush, and cabbage. A bit of gravy on the side too.

leftovers will be souped up tomorrow, or shoved in a veggie omelette, depending how i feel. Hic.



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Roast chicken dinner here.  Chicken curry tomorrow.  

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Ooh, nice, Barry 

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Do your oldies like curry too?

Olives, Anchpvies, Tarasmalata, Tzatiki, pittas Chorizo and other meats.

Yes, with plenty of yoghurt and not much rice

That doesn't sound at all boring. 

I've got spiced beef short ribs in the slow cooker...on a bed of shallots and multi-coloured baby carrots.

Left over beef will become hash.

Hot slow-cooked gammon, creamy carrots and baby potatoes.
Blueberry yoghurt.  Tomorrow will be cold gammon salad.

Chicken Handi, pilau rice and aloo saag. 

Sausage and Egg butty, already eaten. Keeping the bacon in the freezer for now. Pepperoni pizza for later is the plan.

Sunday's my usual make an effort to cook day. Mined beef and loads of vegatables in fridge and freezer to come up with something. 

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Sunday is my day of cooking  as little as possible, this veggie ommlette of which I talk, depends on many many many things............

I can't walk much at the  moment so sent OH off with a fairly detailed shopping list on Thurs..  On the list was 'Meals Sat & Sun'.  He came back with  a  pound of minced beef.  Not quite what I was expecting.

So tonight is chilli - just simmering now and  tomorrow will be beefburgers and roast veg..

I really didn't want to be resourceful at the moment.  😢

Roast chicken here, with steamed broccoli.

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