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Beetroot Juice Ready Made

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barry1010 | 16:23 Wed 31st Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Has anyone tried this, particularly the ones with 10% apple juice?  Is it pallatable?

I like eating beetroots, I've ordered a carton to try.  Will it end up down the sink?



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Not if the toilet's working. 🤣

Yes, barry...a small glass in the am and one in the evening. If you like beetroot, I'm sure you'll like it. I'm using the one with apple juice at the moment, but the "neat" one is fine too...I sometimes add a bit of "ginger shot" (from Waitrose) to it.

Beetroot and it's juice are very good at lowering blood pressure (as are blueberries, which I eat at lunchtime).

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I believe it is good for the liver as well.  I've had NAFLD in the past so I want to look after it.

I was rather dubious about Beetroot Juice,but am now quite addicted to it!

If you like Beetroot,try the Carrot juice,here:~

Like the Beetroot Juice,it is practically pure juice.




As has been said, if you like beetroot, you should enjoy beetroot juice drink - I also like blueberry juice.

I buy jars of pickled beetroot - delicious.


I'm against juices though, because you miss the fibre in the original.

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I eat beetroot most days but I couldn't take to the juice.  The texture more so than the flavour 

@23.43 Sat...unless you buy the very expensive "pure juice", most of the blueberry stuff is blueberry "juice drink" - which is mostly water and less than 20% actual blueberry. Same goes for cranberry.

There's added salt which may not be a good thing.

I Like its earthy taste.

I have the James White Beet It juice everyday.

Love it especially straight from the fridge.

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Beetroot Juice Ready Made

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