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Hard Boiled Eggs

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NoseyNose | 19:53 Sun 11th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Hard Boiled Eggs.

I suffer sometimes (too often now) with diarrehea.

I have read conflicting advice on the net,are they good to prevent it or not.

I am sorry that this is not a pleasant question,but hopefully somebody might have experience of this?

Thank You~Gordon.



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I love hard-boiled eggs in the morning - they’re hard to beat.

Is there a pattern, Gordon, linked with what you've been eating?

Don't know about HB eggs, Gordon, but think you should mention the diarrhoea problem to your GP who might suggest investigation as to reason for it.

Where are you putting the hard boiled eggs ?

In his mouth, I hope.

Lol. Sorry, I shouldn't laugh .

Do you take any medication and if so has it changed recently?  It's a fairly common side effect so if that rings a bell report back to GP. 

Question Author

Hello all,

scorpiojo,No no actual pattern.I asked my doctor what might cause any looseness that I have.She did say that the Metformin I am taking might cause it,and changed me to another make of this medication,but couldn't suggest further.


As I said above,the GP has put me on anther make of Metformin,which is better,but I still get(less) loosness.I just came across the theory(on the net) that hard boiled eggs might help, and wondered if anyone had experience of this?


I have had a"poo"test done,and the GP thinks that it's the side effects of the (new)Metformin.As I say it's better than before,but not solved.That's why I asked about hard boiled eggs helping.

I do take Imodium to stop it,but hoped that hard boiled eggs would stop it starting?

Thank You all~Gordon

Question Author

I don't see why hard boiled eggs should stop it, unless you use one as a bung.

Eggs and known to bung you up Gordon.  

I think it's one of those things that differ from person to person - hb eggs and too much strong cheese will tie me up - on the other hand,  fried onions are a menace - have 'fun' with your experiments Gordon x

Ooh, just a word of warning ⚠️ too many hb eggs in one day and your methane level will be off the radar 😊

List of foods that should be avoided when on metformin. Mentioned on all sites that reference the drug

Refined/processed carbohydrates: Stuff like white bread, white rice, candy, soda, white pasta, white rice

Saturated fats: Things like red meat, butter, cheese

Trans fats: Baked goods from stores, fast food

Lots of sodium: Pre-packaged snacks, canned soups, fast food

Sugar-sweetened soda, chips, crackers, ice cream, cakes, chocolates


'Extra large' eggs will form an effective seal provided they're inserted without too much lubrication, otherwise passers-by should beware.

Douglas 😳🙄 !!

Just don't be like Cool Hand Luke, 50 in one sitting will definitely work!

it's important to listen to your body and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any doubts or questions.

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Hard Boiled Eggs

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