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What's On The Menu Tomorrow Night Then? Or Today?

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DTCwordfan | 17:31 Sun 10th Mar 2024 | Food & Drink
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I am not the biggest Nadaya Hussain fan but her lamb ribs on the Beeb Saturday Kitchen programme sounded rather good, good enough to have a go but with extra chilli and garlic in it....,the%20marinade%2C%20saving%20the%20marinade.

Then, in the Cornish Food Store, next to Waitrose in Trurra, the butcher gave me 2.5kg of rib flanks for a fiver!....Waitrose didn't have any on sale - they're normally 3.75 for half a kilo and I bet these local one are tastier.

The marinade is now made and half the ribs are now bathing in it in the fridge ready for tomorrow evening's baking - with the corn too.

Tonight, the rest of the Steak pie that I have from yesterday with some new pots and veg.....

Over to you?

On The Menu Tonight or Tomorrow then.....



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I'm having a Mother's Day meal made for me. Very passé but one of my favourites;prawn cocktail with home made sauce followed by aged Belted Galloway sirloin steak, sauté potatoes and a green salad, then Tarte Tatin with crème fraiche.

He is having ramen noodles tonight and I am having a breaded chicken wrap.

tomorrow he is having jacket potato cheese beans and ham.

I don't know what I will be having but it will involve wine!!

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I presume apple for la tarte - pears or peaches are also good! Nothing wrong with the oldies - as long as the Galloway is nicely rested and 'saignant' - should be tasty!

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// jacket potato cheese beans and ham// and you're brave enough to share the same bed, RH!?

lol no!! I am away for work next week so he is fending for himself and that's about his cooking talent 

DTC yes apples from the garden, they freeze really well. Beef from the local farm shop that breed the Belties and its aged 36 days. Saignant of course, with no sauce just a round of butter on the top. 

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sounds good!

Strangely enough our youngest son treated us to a Mothers Day meal last night at a very popular Turkish restaurant by near us called Tas. He loves Lamb ribs and ate them last night. Fortunately the large Turkish hypermarket next door sells them so he stocked up on them before going home

Got spag bol simmering away.  Using up lots of leftover minces from the freezer.

I'm in a food stupor as I've eaten loads since yesterday. 

Started at a local Greek and had the evening we gorged on sushi and sashimi (tuna, salmon, prawns, eel, etc...and today have been to Franco Manco for Italian.  They had pizza and starters of smoked burrata and aubergineparmigiana, I had cold meats, and a giant mozzarella with lovely plum tomatoes. Everything drenched in olive oil.

Simple food tonight. I'll let you know about tomorrow 😏 

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What's On The Menu Tomorrow Night Then? Or Today?

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