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Baked Beans

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elliemay1 | 19:03 Mon 15th Apr 2024 | Food & Drink
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Would it be safe to eat baked beans which have been in a covered (but not sealed) dish in the fridge for 4 days? They haven't been warmed



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I would eat them.

A full tin of beans is too much for me- I often eat half a tin and keep the other half in the fridge until I fancy beans again.

Yes.  If they do not smell off or look off, I'd eat them.

Yes I think they should be safe. I have a five day rule when it comes to eating things safely wrapped and put in the fridge.

Do a smell check though and make sure they haven't turned green and a new unspecified lifeorm isn't coming from them.

They'll probably be OK. Personally, I wouldn't eat them after 3 days max.

Also check the inside of the can, to make sure it hasn't oxidised. I always transfer opened canned items out of the can and into a glass or plastic food safe container.

Although it's probably safe, an opened can in the fridge can change the flavour of the food in a matter of days. I've found that tinned pineapple is one the worst things to change in flavour, if left in the can (open in the fridge).

^ "in a covered dish"^

Are they furry ?

Get them piping hot. No problem.

I also put things in a different container as well... we are talking about baked beans... hope you live to tell the tale how they worked out for you EllieXx 😏

Ooops, cheers gingejbee, my mince pies must be painted on!

what brand?

Heinz are fines

M&S - More or less

Branstons for Grandsons

I'm less sure - Co-op, chop-chop

Weight Watchers - Late Dodgers

I found a tin of baked beans in the cupboard recently, the best before date was 2020. Microwaved them and they were fine. 


I watched something on tv recently, and experts say that anything in sealed tins will keep for many years. 


A 30 year old tin of sardines was found, and they opened it, and they were like the day they were put in the tin. Still fresh. 

ellie since they are so cheap - throw them out - I would of course

Question Author

Thanks everyone for your interest. We have eaten the beans and feel fine (so far anyway!)

Hope that you shared them out equally and not being mean with your...

will elliemay's bed float upwards tonight, the balloon effect kicking in - imagine the effect if she has combined them with cheese or cauli - 'the moon, here we come!'

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Baked Beans

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