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Cooking Everyday

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fruitsalad | 16:24 Fri 19th Apr 2024 | Food & Drink
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Does anyone believe you should have to cook a meal everyday, I am getting fed up of, trying to decide what to cook, does anyone just have, soup or beans on toast for a main meal.



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You "should" do what you feel you want to do. Often, after two days of decent-sized cooked meals, we will have soup and some posh (home-done) sandwiches...

like you i get bored cooking, when asking what would you like for dinner it's always what ever you like so every now and then i'll do egg and bacon or scrambled egg on toast 

Today I had a double fried egg butty... even that seemed a but much of an effort, sometimes just a Ham and cheese sandwhich. for main depends on my mood, as I live alone makes little difference same with eating times.


I get fed up with trying to cook 'I don't mind' too Mally😉 Left to my own devices I'd definitely opt for beans on toast or soup etc every now and ten

It's probably more healthy to have some days each week when you don't eat you full "ration".

Today I had a cheese & onion (sausage-style) roll for lunch & a ham & tomato sandwich for tea. 

You don't have to cool a meal every day. On Sundays, my wife and I have a breakfast of fried bacon, poached egg, and fried sausage. For the rest of the day, we live on biscuits, small pieces of cheese, and gin and tonics. We are retired, so we have little appetite.

I'm thoroughly fed up of it.  We now very often have scrambled egg on toast or beans on toast.  Tonight we are having an all day breakfast - mainly because I know he'll eat it.

It was beans on toast today!  Tend to batch cook in slow cooker, when in the mood, dividing into portions for the freezer (stews, lamb, chicken, soup).  

It depends on my mood. Sometimes it's just eggs in some form, freezer food, or I'll be in the mood to be today. I saw a BBC recipe for a Turkish tray kebab...Tepsi Kebap. I then found an authentic version and have put it together, ready for the oven shortly. 

We often have beans on toast or scrambled egg for our evening meal, maybe about once a fortnight.

Theres always lots of homemade soup in the freezer too, so that's another not cooking meal, we had that last night and the night before because I made a huge vat of it. There are three portions in the freezer now too.

Yes, get fed up with it! I cook most days. If it was just me, I'd not bother so much. Just cooked steak pie, roast potatos mix veg.& gravy for OH. Still don't know what I'm having yet!

I often batch cook from scratch so I usually have a few options in the freezer on days I don't feel like cooking from scratch. Or else beans on toast😀. 

Oh yes fed up so much so I say make your own I'm having soup with toast. I often batch cook so if I don't fancy anything OH has plenty of choice in the freezer. When youngest son is home from uni we have a proper meal every night cos he lives on beans and pasta normally.

 i just had a bowl of cereal for tea

Feeling like that fuels the industry bringing take away meals whizzing around on mopeds.


(personally I intend never to have a delivery by Deliveroo / Just Eat / Uber eats / Dominoes)

I'm not a fan of cooking but I do it every day. We often have pasta or a stir fry, or in warmer weather, salad and new potatoes, all of which I find easier than scrambled eggs! If I don't eat a reasonable meal I end up grazing all evening which is fatal.

Yes, when the family were all at home, I often used to "downsize" the main meal after a week of cooking.  

One of my favourite dinner substitutes was eggy bread, known in our house by the posh name "French Toast".

If you are busy or single then I guess it is easier to buy ready prepared food or takeaways. Saves time on shopping and limits food you have to throw away. In addition you do not have to plan ahead but can decide what to eat and when you want to eat it spur of the moment. 

The advantages to cooking at home is it improves your cooking skills and is normally more healthy. Some people enjoy cooking at home and can prepare meals that taste much better than a ready meal or takeout. If you are cooking for more than one person it's normally cheaper to cook at home too. You tend to end up with too much because you need to use your ingredients you buy, but you can have food to last a few days.


There are some healthy and easy to prepare meals which do not take long to prepare. Try stir fries because you just chuck it all in the pan together and add a sauce. It is is a good way to get protein, vegetables and healthy fats (if you chose a healthy cooking oil). You can also try a lot of different combinations. Pasta is also a good option, as are salads.

If you are having beans on toast or egg on toast, it is a cheap and healthy light meal, as is tinned macrel on toast. You can always boost your nutritional intake by drinking some milk and eating a little fresh or dried fruit, or some nuts.

I believe if you do eat snacky meals that are fast to prepare, then you appreciate other meals when you get them.

I don't mind cooking, though I don't do Saturday or Sunday. However, I get utterly peed off with trying to think what to cook. No one in this house is in any way helpful, therefore, egg and oven chips appears on the menu more often than it should 😆

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