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Bonne Maman Madeleine With Chocolate Cakes.

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Patsy33 | 20:02 Tue 21st May 2024 | Food & Drink
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Why didn't anyone tell me how moorish these little cakes were?!..Mmm, they are so yummy! Often wondered what they were like. My granddaughter picked them out last week when we went shopping in Sainsburys. Said her friend has these when she goes around for play date. So, I thought I'd taste one. I'm sure I could taste alcohol! Anyway, they were delicious. Will definitely be buying them again. Anyone else like them?



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Never tried one but just checked them - no alcohol, so have a couple more

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It does say alcohol in ingredients on back but not what. So maybe it's something to do with preservation? There's definitely a taste of almonds. I think I can taste rum! 😄

Yes, very nice and the lemon ones are good, too. Waitrose has a good selection of BM edibles.

Even better!  Have 3 or 4 

They'll be going on Friday's shopping list 😋

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I've only tasted the ones with thin layer of milk chocolate on bottom. The lemon ones look good. Couldn't find them in Tesco. Will have to look in Sainsburys.

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You won't be disappointed, Haz. 😃

Alcohol is used in extracting the flavouring from vanilla beans.

That's why it's mentioned in the ingredients list for those yummy cakes.

According to (which is usually reliable), the different types of Bonne Maman Madeleines can be found in supermarkets as follows:

'All butter' : Morrisons (£2.59), Tesco (£2.75), Sainsburys (£2.90), Waitrose (£3.00)

Chocolate: Morrisons (£2.59), Sainsburys (£2.90), Waitrose (£3.00)

Lemon: Tesco (£2.75), Sainsburys (£2.90), Waitrose (£3.00)

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Thanks, Buen! Interesting...Can't wait to try another! 😃

Their individual fruit cakes are nice too - we get ours from Waitrose

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Those look nice Toorak..

I'll have to try all of them! 😀

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Bonne Maman Madeleine With Chocolate Cakes.

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