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Whisky Recommendations

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smurfchops | 11:49 Thu 30th May 2024 | Food & Drink
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Which is the best, from either M&S, Aldi or Lidl please?  Glenmorangie getting a tad expensive!! 



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Glenmorangie?...You ever heard of Crown Royal, that there-its-its good stuff :)

Lidl do a passable single malt under the Ben Bracken name, Highland, Speyside or Islay variants. £18.49

The one I've heard of, just off the top of my head (& considered one of the top 10) is "Bushmills" Irish whiskey. I don't know if they're stocked in Aldi, Lidl or M&S, but they're definitely in Tesco & Sainsburys, so; I would assume that at least one of the stores you mentioned has it as well, since it's a 5-star brand of whiskey that have their own distillery. Hopefully this helps somewhat, even though I don't know much about alcohol, other than brand names that stand out in my memory ... as well as my favourite brand of rosé wine or the few "alcopops" I know by name (which I've enjoyed only on the VERY rarest occasions). I only wish I could be of more help. 🤷‍♀️🥃😅

25 year old MacCallan for me or a cheaper one is the Jura.

Glenmorangie is a bit average but ok at a push.

With whiskey (single malt) you do get what you pay for generally.

Not much of a gold watch man myself. A nice drop of fine and dandy? Now you're talking!

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Thanks all, will try Bushmills..  on special offer at Waitrose!  

Before trying the Oirish, Morrisons have The Singleton on for £24.00 at the mo along with many others, malts for more or less the price of blended.

One of my favourites.

If you like Glenmorangie...and I hope you pronounce it properly...with a very soft a rather than the usual hard one. I used to be a member of the golf club in Tain, I would recommend a Tamnavulin, available in Waitrose and the Coop and when on offer around £22-24. Tesco sell it too. This may sound mad but, taste-wise, it has a hint of Lagavulin too it, even though it's a Speyside. A steal at that lower price, normally around 32-34;w=960

Shop around, nearly always at least one single malt on offer in every major supermarket.  A couple that often come up cheaper are McCallan( a fairly soft smooth less peaty one)and Glen Moray ( Sainsburys).  I tend to go off piste when on the....  I like the Welsh one Penderyn, and the English Whisky Company Sherry cask matured, or Extra smoky which goes so well with strong cheese.

Sorry Smurf but I'm a bourbon man - eithey Buffalo Trace or Bulleit, both very smooth but unlike a single malt, drunk with lots of ice. Personal preference that's all.


What's the correct pronounciation? I always say

Glen..more anne gee - rhymmes with angie.

or is it Glen..morangee - rhymmes with orangey ?


TTT, save your blushes order something you can pronounce.... Laphroaig maybe....


I always say Le fro ag but I am told it's lefroyg but I don't drink the stuff, as I said above.

orangey and pronounced 'softly'....

and I do not like Laphroaig at all - too much 'iodine' in the taste. so much iodine that the thyroid could go hyper on it! Do like a Lagavulin but that's a Christmas tipple given its price now.

13.13 that's it then, I have been swayed,I'll buy a bottle of BushMills today, only €12 ( about £10.50) in a shop near me.

Btw its a litre bottle, hic!

Best whisky in my view-point is Tomintoul....but at £45 a bottle not to cheap.

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