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family fridge contents

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matty22 | 22:36 Mon 06th Mar 2006 | Food & Drink
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can anyone tell me their weekly food shopping list? A family with two adults and one, two or three children would be perfect. I just want to know what and how much food an average family buys in one week, how many apples, sausages, bottles of milk etc.


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2 Pints of milk - 6 eggs - 1 pack of bacon - 2 packs of ham - Joint of meat for sunday - Cheese - pure fruit juice - Cheese spread - Butter - normally mince/diced chicken/pork for sweet and sour spag bol/ chicken legs/ Mushrooms/pizza/ garlic bread fresh/ carrots/brocoli/runner beans/ yogurts/ couple of microwave meals i.e lasagna 4 my daughter/ cream/puddings/ steak sometimes. I cant think of anything else usually �80 worth there are 2 adaults and 1 child. Dont know if you want anything else. Crisps biscuits cleaning stuff sauces bread toiletries the list is endless lol reading back through i dont look very healthy do i

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thanks for your response! i was hoping to recieve a number of replies so please keep them coming! cheers.
Eggs, bacon, sausages, chicken, mince, sauces for meat, pittas or wraps, around 14-16 pints milk cheese, pack ham, pate, biscuits & juices for packed lunch, apples, bananas, grapes, mango, fruit juice, carrots broccoli, green beans, parsnips, soups, Birds Eye nuggets and the such like, cakes, squash. Spend around �80-90 per week on food alone. Kitchen, loo roll, detergents etc comes in extra. I don't sound very healthy either. Perhaps this is a good exercise.

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family fridge contents

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