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Eating Ovaltine

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BillyBB | 00:34 Tue 07th Mar 2006 | Food & Drink
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Does anybody else like to eat Ovaltine powder or dip their tongue into a spoonful on it's way to the mug?


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I haven't tried that but could not these days as I must avoid gluten which Ovaltine contains. However as children in 'the good old days' when money was very scarce we used to mix sugar and cocoa to eat as a treat. Our parents, or ourselves when older, would make a 'cone' from newspaper or, if you were 'posh' from geaseproof paper to put the mixture in. We would use a spoon or more often a wet finger(!) to eat it It was quite enjoyable. Try it! It is cerainly less expensive than Ovaltine!
i used to do it with horlicks .i would make horlicks and stir it then i would put another large spoonful in and not stir it .that would sink to the bottom then when cup was empty i had this gooey bit at bottom like toffee .yum yum.what am i saying i used to i still do if i have horlicks.
I do it with drinking chocolate - much nicer than the finished product.
do you remember the Horlicks sweets? Or were they ovaltine?
you used to get both but dont think you get them now.
Yes, have to confess I do this with raw Horlicks. In fact, I could probably eat my way through a jar of Horlicks and a teaspoon before any of it ever reached a mug. And yes, I do remember the Horlicks tablets. They used to come in little squares in a tin. Why is it that some of life's best little treats disappear ?
Wendilla, I do exactly the same thing!!!
think i will have some horlicks tonight

Aren't you all fortunate. I can't have Ovaltine nor Horlicks because they are not gluten-free.

So,poor me, I have to stick to cocoa and sugar. But it not as expensive!

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It's the maltyness of Ovaltine and the texture too.

I often put a little honey in to a mug when hot, haven't had cold Ovalitne since the seventies.

PS avoid Maltesers drink, far too sickly.

Mmm, think I'll go and have a slice of bread or some biscuits. Oops, sorry Rescuer :-)

i do it with milo. it's soooo good

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Eating Ovaltine

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