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Tea or coffee which do you prefer ?

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inej | 13:42 Tue 09th May 2006 | Food & Drink
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Are we British now turning into coffee drinkers. I only drink coffee at work because the vending machine tea is disgusting.I hate it when you go abroad and it's all coffee , can't cope without my morning cuppa. Which do you prefer ? thanks



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I cant drink coffee, i used to drink it religously, but started tp get palpataions so i moved on to tea and have never looked back!
Dont drink tea,drank it all the time when i was a kid,obviously too much,haven't touched it since i was about 12,the taste and smell makes me gag!!Not a big coffee drinker either.only cappucino's for me one a day!!
Tea all the way. Coffee, unless its sweetened with 2 or 3 sugars, is rank. It gives you really bad breath too. Tea with mile and one sugar does the trick
weak tea no milk or sugar lovely or a nice moccha from costa's
I've only ever drunk coffee. I've tried tea several times but it just makes me retch!
My Mum used to take teabags to India because she missed her tea so much! Now its cool because you get teabgs.

I only drink Coffee. I dislike even making Tea for others because of the smell.

It has to be Taylors of Harrogates Yorkshire Tea bags for me. I don't mind coffee, but prefer tea.

I don't drink tea at all and only drink "proper" coffee - none of that instant rubbish.

My OH on the other hand is a tea drinker - he always starts the day with two cups of tea, more if he has time.

My mum and dad could drink tea for Britain!!!

Only drink Taylors Yorkshire tea black with lemon..couple of cups in the morning and a one of cup of proper coffee in the we bring from Germany..otherwise I drink water and herbal tea.

Tea please, and none of that dar jeehling earl grey rubbish, Tetley's will do fine.

Occasionally I'll drink coffee but I really couldn't stomach one on a morning it just has to be tea. My wife used to drink coffee on a morning till one day we had none so she had to drink tea. Now she can't believe she ever drank coffee first thing.

I absolutely love tea (especially when it's made properly, in a pot). Far more thirst quenching and comforting than coffee.

I do like the odd cup of coffee or capuccino, especially when I'm really tired and need a quick 'kick up the jaxy!'

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Tea or coffee which do you prefer ?

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