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Freezer stock rotation system

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WendyS | 12:05 Tue 22nd Aug 2006 | Food & Drink
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We have a tall upright freezer with fixed shelves that is crammed full of home grown vegetables, fruit and bulk batches of home cooked meals. The fuller it gets, the more difficult it becomes to use up everything in date order. Does anybody have suggestions for a simple stock rotation system which will eliminate the regular embarassment I suffer of digging out bags of tomato purree that have been made in the previous century ??


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I don't have a system, but when my freezer gets really full I make a list of what's in there and decide what I'm going to eat that week from the freezer and what I'm going to buy fresh. You could also make a list of what you want to keep for a while (maybe for Christmas).
I had this problem with stuff that had whiskers on it.
Plastic bags with god nows what in them and an assortment of odd containers.
I am a bit more organised now and have a seperate draw for different top draw bread ,middle draw veg,next one meat and bottom draw odds and sods.I buy those foil containers with the cardboard lids from the pound shop and use a freezer marker to name and date them.It is time consuming but I pull old stuff to the top of the draw and put new stuff at the bottom.

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Freezer stock rotation system

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