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Fussy Eater ??

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tillyplops | 19:42 Fri 20th Jul 2007 | Food & Drink
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I only like plain food without herbs and spices, therefore I am quite limited to what I will eat in pubs and restruants etc., does this make me a "fussy eater", or is a fussy eater one who complains about the food, where as I know what I do and don't like..and only order what I know.
I eat a wide variety, I eat every fruit and veg and salad, I love meat , potatoes, rice, most things as long as they don't have herbs and spices or red wine sauce . I will eat horseradish, tartar sauce, tom sauce, mayo, pepper, mint jelly, mint sauce mmm. So am I fussy ?? or just have delicate taste buds !


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nope, in my book it makes you normal,im exactly the same :-)
I am not too keen on herbs and spices either. I like the natural taste of food, so no, you are not a fussy eater.
You don't sound like a fussy eater to me. You obviously have a well balanced diet - I think it's a case of you know what you like and stick to it and there's nothing wrong with that.
I can't imagine food without fresh herbs (definitely not dried which taste like dust)
Sorry but in my book you are a fussy eater. I see my Auntie once a week and we often go out to lunch. The number of pubs and cafes we have walked out of after she has looked at the menu because the food is cooked in wine or has fruit with it (eg pork and apple something). There is always something off any menu I can eat.

But why don't you eat herbs? You eat horseradish and pepper. Maybe you are confusing herbs with spices. They are not the same thing. Herbs just add flavour.
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Ok I like some herbs such as mint, horseradish, does that count as a veg anyway?...
I don't like too much rosemary, I hate Basil, Chives and Parsley are ok in moderation, marjoram, no, garlic, no way ! Fennel, like the smell and I like aniseed balls but not on my food, Dill, much the same, coriander, well thats just curry to me ! Sage, to strong, thyme, to strong.
I reckon I just have very delicate taste buds. I like to taste my food for what it is, meat should taste like meat not herbs.
Sorry, but you're definitely a very fussy eater indeed and you don't know what you're missing.
i think you are probably adding the wrong spices and there fore find the flavours too strong. A couple of basil leaves to a pasta sauce and rosemary springs pushed into a joint of lamb before roasting, can only add that subtle, but delicious difference. Everything in moderation!
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The idea of pasta sauce and basil, no I think I will have to admit that I am a fussy eater !
You sound like a fussy eater to me, I'd class myself as one and I can always find something on a menu.

But there is no shame in being one.

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This is what I wanted to know.
I know what food I like, so that is what I would order on a menu, something safe. I don't complain about the food because I only eat what I like therefore I don't think that I am fussy in that sense.
If I ordered something and then moaned or complained, that to me is being fussy
I assume you don't get invited to other people's houses to eat very often. There's nothing worse than trying to cater for people who don't like this, that or the other.
peple like you bore me, only eatin bland food wih salt an pepper like back in the midle ages... yuk!! i dont think i'd evr invite you for lunch or dinner cos you would be the only one eating baked chicken wih mashed potatoe or whatevr oit is you live on!!
I too, am an incredibly fussy eater. I am vegan for a start, and I think I hate more things than I like lol :)
I love anything starchy and plain, this is what I live off: brown rice, bread, rice cakes/corn thins, tomato sauce (ketchup) potatoes, potato chips, fries, corn chips, avocado, bananas, broccoli, oranges, plain pasta, apple puree, anything citrussy - orange juice, orange marmalade. Some of my favourite meals are vegie burgers, pumpkin soup, toast with marmalade, plain rice and vegies...
I am a nightmare to feed as I don't really stretch beyond this. I drive my mother in law crazy.

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Fussy Eater ??

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