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Dunkability Factor

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Jamie Lewis | 14:59 Fri 16th Jul 2004 | Food & Drink
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Cheese carries a strength rating and wine has a sweetness/dryness indicator, so do you not think that biscuits should have a dunkability factor? So you can gauge how long you can dunk it in your tea without it breaking off in your hand and ****ing up your brew. Obviously custard creams would have a higher rating to say... Rich Tea.


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Good idea...but of course, it does depend on how hot your chosen brew is. In that way, it is much like an ice-lollies 'drip factor' which is related to how hot the weather is! The experienced dunker can take into account type/temp. of brew and kind of biccie, but of course, this is a skill learned with age.'ve made me want a custard I'm off to the shop!!
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Jills, you too have been pondering this subject I see. Maybe we should get together and approach McVities. I see pounds signs and a life of breakage-free dunking!
You need to go to this site:
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SteveD - You're a genius. You're the Stephen Hawking of the biscuit world. Clever I mean - not unable to speak and in a wheelchair!
Superb site...THANK YOU SteveD! Spookily I bought some Ringtons Gingers biccies recently, and they are fab. Yes JAmie, unfortunately I have thoguth abotu this subject quite a bit....and thanks, teh custard creams were just fab. P.S. I'm a 5 digestives with a cup of tea person, for me they are the fave dunking biccie, tho I do try others as and when the fancy takes me. You? OOh, I might make this a Q actually, hope you don't mind??
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Personally I'm a chocolate digestive man - plain not milk - but you can only dunk them quickly otherwise you lose the chocolate. I'll like to break them in half first. Royal Teas are good too (Rich teas with a chocolate top) but you don't see many about any more.

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Dunkability Factor

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