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Jamie Lewis | 17:22 Thu 22nd Jul 2004 | Food & Drink
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Isn't it just wrong?


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Yes, it is.. It's BATTENBERG.
Either way, I hate it, 'cause I hate marzipan. But I love the centre cakey-ness! Which I why I adore Angel Cake... mmm scrape out all the fluffy-mallowey goodness...
I totally agree
Indie, you're weird, how on earth can anyone hate marzipan?
Question Author
I'm with Indie - marzipan is the devil's work.
The evilness of it is almost unspeakable....a devil cake.....just like neopolitan ice cream it's just plain wrong.
Question Author
I'm with you on that one sft42. However artic roll I'm quite a fan of.
Easy on the Battenberg. The marzipan makes the fluffy sponge goodness seem all the sweeter.
Battenburg is hideous, mainly because of the marzipan. So is Neopolitan ice cream and swiss roll too. :)
I'm another of the "marzipan is disgusting" ranks. There's nothing wrong with the gooey middle though. Now if they replaced the marzipan with chocolate.........
Battenberg cake is disgusting; horribly coloured sponge covered with what must be the most revolting substance known to mankind - marzipan. Why would anyone want to eat Battenberg when they could have a Jaffa Cake? Or even a Jaffa Cake mini roll?
What's yellow and swings from cake to cake?
Oh well. That didn't work !!

Tarzipan by the way !
Question Author
What's yellow and flys directly into WW2 battleships - kamikazepan.
What's white and transports goods? A Ford Transit Van.

Err... sorry, that's shit.
I must protest about arctic roll, I still have one in my freezer from the 1970's. Its on ebay no reserve

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