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Using root ginger

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Whoever | 20:56 Sat 02nd Aug 2008 | Food & Drink
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I've just acquired a large amount of fresh ROOT ginger.
1. Is there any way I can turn it into the sort of ginger in syrup that is produced by STEM ginger, so that I can use it in desserts?
2. What is the best way of turning the remainder into ready prepared ginger for cooking? I've seen commercial jars of ready prepared chopped ginger. What would I have to add to the chopped ginger to preserve it in jars? Thanks


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I can't answer number 1....but for your second Q-grate the ginger very finely,put into icecube trays and freeze. You can then put the individual blocks into freezer bags.
I don't know exactly how to turn fresh root ginger into stem or crystallised ginger but I do know that stem ginger is small pieces, ie stems of ginger, peeled, sliced and cooked in a heavy sugar syrup and that crystallized ginger is ginger that is cooked in syrup and coated with coarse sugar. Either way, both of those are going to be very sweet.

You could try peeling the fresh ginger, slicing it thinly and then cooking it in some sugar and water. I expect you could keep this in the fridge for a few weeks but it might be better to freeze it.

What I do when I have a whole raft of fresh ginger, is to wash it, peel it, grate it and then open freeze it, well spaced out. Once frozen, I simply bag it up into little bags or a small plastic container. Because it was frozen openly and not in chunks, it defrosts quite quickly when I add it to stir fries etc.
Further to the above, you can also plant some of it in pots to ensure that you will still have fresh growing ginger when this supply is exhausted and you can also give some plants away as presents if you find you have far too much to cope with food wise. If you allow the plants to flower they can be quite attractive often with fiery red flowers. _6ae8c188be.jpg

You can also place some ginger root into a clean tea towel and beat the living daylights out of it with a rolling pin until it is quite broken down. Then hold the tea towel over a bowl and twist the part with the ginger in it. Keep twisting tighter and tighter to extract the ginger juice.

Use some of this in a mug of hot water with a little lemon and honey as required to make a healthy and pleasant drink. Very good for colds and sore throats. This ginger juice is quite strong in flavour so experiment to get it right for you.

Just found this very easy looking recipe for crystalised ginger. /ht/crystalginger.htm

I doubt this will keep but perhaps you can invite some friends for a curry night (assuming that you like curry of course). tm

I would suggest that you just Google Ginger recipes. Whatever you do, have fun.
Question Author
Many thanks for all your responses. I now have plenty of ideas to work with.
Wow... what a gorgeous sounding pickle, Mortartube... I shall bookmark that site as well !
I shall certainly be giving the pickle a go next time I make a curry Jugglering.

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Using root ginger

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