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Beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot!

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hundreddolla | 16:36 Fri 06th Feb 2009 | Food & Drink
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What foodstuffs REALLY make you fart? Mine is salad.


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Sprouts with hot chilli sauce are quite good.

Chicken Phall

Spam (a whole tin)
Question Author
Wow what a weird coincidence Gormless! I was just telling someone at work about the worst case of the farts i'd EVER had and it was the day after, the onek and only time i'd had a chicken Phall. The next day i was working at a pub and they sent me home on full pay! The stinkers were coming out hotter than hell itself and smelt, well, RANCID! It was this story that led me to post the question!!
Best one ever was a Naga King Prawn Phall with Bombay Aloo extra-specially phall hot in a restaurant in Wimbledon. They know me well, and I always take the afternoon off to recover. On one occasion it was massively hot, and I only just cycled home in time (6 miles) to cope with the consequences, which were privately very satisfying however.
Corned Beef with baked beans and HP sauce.

Good thread, really getting people thinking.
Question Author
You're right Gormless, there aren't enough intellectual, thought provoking posts on here!
Question Author
Looks like me and thee are the only farters on this board!
We must be the only two on here that fart, well you anyway, I was just being theoretical.
I can fart along with the best of them.......................but I don't brag about it.
when i drink fruit and vegetable shakes every morning (i dont at the moment) i fart a lot and it smells like something has crawled up there and died
Question Author
To fart and not brag is like wearing a Gucci T-Shirt under a Primark sweatshirt!
My hubby doesn't need any special food to fart. Bread and water would do the trick with him!!!! The worst though is if he has had eggs!
celery seems to do it for me, real ale for my other half. mine are like lavender, his........ 'nuff said!

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Beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot!

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